IDK - Closure Lyrics

(Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird)
I’m always running in my dreams to the point where it feels like a nightmare
(Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird)
I realized though, I’ve been running from this conversation
And if you think about it
You would try to bring me closer to God
Through church and religion, you know?
I mean, look, it’s o-it’s okay to be religious
If that’s what you believe in
But I think that before you understand religion
We should all focus on understanding something that
Most of us can agree on
And that’s the want for love
I wish you would’ve put the same amount of emphasis you put
In religion and learning that, and following God
With the love you gave me, you know?
I think with that, maybe I would’ve treated
Women a little better
Maybe I would’ve had a little bit more trust for other people
Maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to use my success as armor
A mockingbird represents innocence, you know?
And truthfully
Sometimes I feel like you could’ve protected that
In a better way
But that, that’s cool
The most important thing, though, is
I’m not mad at you and I’m okay with
Some of the things we’ve been through
I want you to understand that
Love you mom, okay, bye
(Love you too)
(When you are finished recording please press 1 or hang up)

Closure Lyrics


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