IDK - Jelly Lyrics

Confidence is why you can’t get a man jelly
Yeah, you can’t get man jelly
You can’t get man jelly, blood
They try and get man jelly
It’s the worst

It’s you guys on Instagram, tryna get man jelly
Sometimes I look at girls and I’m like, «You tryna get man jelly»
What do you mean? We’re so lucky

Exactly, nah
That happened to me
The girl tried to get me jelly
I didn’t give a fuck

That’s the problem, I don’t care (No one can get me jelly)
Can’t get me jelly, fam
You can’t make it shake
She like the way that I dance

You can’t get man jelly, ay
But here’s the thing though, it’s-it’s like
I lost my Mom, man, so there’s no woman that could ever like do anything to me
That ‘s worse than that feeling

Jelly Lyrics


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