Imelda May - Breathe Lyrics

Uprooted me
Hung from the loop
Of the tree top of the world
Where I can see you
Lead in my hand punctured the skin
Poisoned the blood that was running within
Down, down on my knees
Where I will weep
As my head topples down
At the hands of the cheap
Oh what to do?

Growin’ up, throwin’ up
You throttle us choking and smokin us
Puff cough spit
The ash of the fed as you fled
We burned, you burned as you buried the dead
Oh what to do?

A purple heart once gave you eyes
At 17 we tripped the light
You saw the life, we danced the breeze
I remember you, don’t forget about me
Don’t forget to

Lead in the air as you drive around town
In the rain complaining you cant get around
Is the sky getting lower
Or are you getting higher
Your mind’s getting smaller
As times ticking by
What to do?

Breathe Lyrics

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11 Past the Hour (2021)

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