Imelda May - Different Kinds Of Love Lyrics

He said
«Let’s go down to Mexico
Hear the heat hum in our head
But be blinded by the sunlight
Dreaming of blue nights and stars
And cool sand for a bed»

I found my freedom in the fall
Down the street from Notre Dame
You whispered to me
As we walked on water
We were Gods but then
Your hand slipped from my hand

Sometimes rain falls
Forwards backwards
I’ll take it any way it comes
The upside of downpours’
Is beside you I want more
There’s all different kinds of love

She told me leaves always change colour
That’s the way it’s meant to be
And so we learn from every lover that we cover
While we drift like circles in the sea

The rain falls
To wash it all away
And change comes
To push away the pain
The river’s swollen with the weight
The rain comes, the rain comes
The rain comes

Different Kinds Of Love Lyrics

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