Imelda May - Never Look Back Lyrics

You are the moth
I am the flame
You are the player
I am the game
I am your future
The present, the past
Never forget me
Never look back…

I am a monster
A feline, a queen
Angelic majestic
Little ol’ me
I am a giant
I am a fly
Zion within me
I am I
Never look back…

I am a goddess
A fool a fake
I am your mother
Your sister a snake
I am a dreamer
Staring at stars
I’m looking at you, babe
You know who you are
Never look back…

I am pleasure
I am pain
What are you afraid of
It’s all the same
Never look back…

Never Look Back Lyrics

11 Past the Hour
11 Past the Hour (2021)

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