J-Diggs - COURTSIDE Lyrics

Bitch i ain’t trying to catch no vibe, i’m on some player shit
Book me at your club, secure my bag. no, i don’t pay the bitch
Street nigga, but i be in them bitches that the lakers hit
Niggas always rapping bout that cloth, but never made a hit
Got so much respect, they clear the room when i got somthin to say
Why is niggas talking out they neck like they gon bust a grape?
We might be related. drop a dime, then we gon unrelate
I deal with all my problems. never been the type to runaway
Beat it up, then beat up on my chest like i’m a fucking ape
Bitch i already know what you about, now give my bruh a taste
Claiming that he eating, but he starving; ain’t have lunch today
And i treat the glock like my bitch. yes, i’m in love with bae
And we’ll pop up where you stay. where you hiding at?
My lil bro will take your chain, then have you buy it back
I ain’t into playing games. ain’t got no time for that
And if i told you what i made, then yo mind would crash

Made so many millions off of hoes; it don’t matter
Bitch made me three hundred thousand large; get her ass fatter
Keep his money with a glass jar; it got shattered
Kill him. i done leaved his family pissed; that’s bad bladder
Pimpin the saddle. dipping and dabble, sending the cattle

Niggas will tattle. your partner the judge, swinging the gavel
Crazy how these niggas doing time
Same nigga told on you, the one that picked you up to do the crime
Nigga said he keeping a buck, but he dropped the dime
Niggas say whatever on phones, like feds don’t tap the line

Young’ns like to ride with them guns, but scared the pop that iron
Shit ain’t like the rap videos when the metal start to fly in
Grandmas and mamas crying. nephews and sons dying
He’s like a pussycat while standing in a pack of lions
Way before i went to new york, i was a fucking giant
Had to buy two maybachs just so my birds could slide
I drip in the cut, and bubble up just like peroxide
Can’t tell you how many white bitches i didn’t have topside
Slim drop mop slide. gucci flip flop slides
And i had a bitch’s husband pay me to take his wife courtside

Telling they boy rappers tuck when i come around
I don’t give a fuck who or what, i shut em down
Trying to get a hundred, spend a hundred, get a hundred pounds
Kill all snitches. broke bitches get the run around

Hell to the throne, i don’t condone with these rappers on
I got on the phone, leave him holed like a saxophone
Bitches on my line, wanna shine and get their money up
She just want some dick, a little time, and a tummy tuck

Niggas wanna be you when they see you on your grizzy
I just went and booked another venue, so i’m busy
I just hit a nigga back to back like i’m drizzy
Heard some niggas looking for me?
Tell them niggas, come and get me!
I’m a bay nigga; i’ll be in the city by the bridges
J nigga; every time you see me, pretty bitches
Play nigga; imma show you not the one to do that
Who that? the nigga who might pull up where your crew at
A freak with the twins. couple of 40s in the double clutch
Threw a couple shots at his feet; made him double dutch
Still in these streets. quarterback; tell them to huddle up
30 for the 30. who ordered that? with a double up
I keep the little bitch on her shit; that’s the boss in me
Look and you gonna see it in my drip; that’s the sauce in me
Just was on the net viewing niggas with the trickery
And bodied any rapper in this game that ever mentioned me (diggs!)


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