J-Diggs - Gimme Dat Lyrics

Me and my dudes roll in the disco
Mean with the shine, with a sheen like Crisco
Get my Quota up by the end of the fiscal…
I’m gone be draped from my toes to my lymph notes
Yea the boy Diggz split wigs, so lets go
Down to my dungeon where my playmates go
Lookie here little nigga I don’t joke
Long dick is vicious, bitches call me the pope
Yea the bass bump, feel it in the back of your throat
Get your heart rate pumping like a rail of the coke
Heard your girl pop pussy and her panties are soak
Plus she like being dominated, pass me the rope
Pass me the soap, make sure I’m fresh as a loaf
Boyo loco, better have my money I hope
See I’m here to get smashed, maybe palm some ass
Now tell me, have you ever met a nigga like thaaaat!

Lookie here, you ain’t never heard this before
Lookie here, you ain’t never heard thisss
Lookie here, you ain’t never heard this before
Lookie here, you ain’t never heard thisss
Now gimme dat, gimme dat , gimme dat {x3}
Gimme dat…
Gimme dat…

Me and three cuties in and out the backstreets
Two of them naked making out in my backseat
Headed to mi casa for drinks and pasta
Bout to get wild, got them doing the cha cha
The boy don’t stop, won’t flop, I’m killing it
You just pissed nigga cause your chica be feeling it
I’m known round the world, girlfriend no lie
Jdigga nigga yes I’m really so fly
Girl you look tired come and lay on a guy
Maybe if you ready, baby we can get right
Profession-ale when I’m laying the pipe
Moi caliente when I spit on the mic
Yea there is something bout this nigga, bitches say I’m they type
Say they want to roll with me, take a spin on my bike
We can get up in the ring, you can put up a fight
Either way, I’ma get inside that oochie tonight!

Now what you see is what you get
What you hear is not a test
Gimmie dat, gimmie dat, gimme dat
Gimme dat, gimme dat, gimme dat

Gimme Dat Lyrics

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