Japanese Breakfast - Posing For Cars Lyrics

Woke from a dream in which you’d left me
Posing for cars on the American stoop
Don’t make me beg you just ’cause you can
I’m just a woman with a loneliness
I’m just a woman with needs

And how could you ever conceive
How much I need you, how truly barren I can be?
They say that time, it is the only certainty
But it’s been 1:00 for hours
Oh the day is long untangling

Can’t sort release from what I sold you
Is this what it takes to enjoy the day?
All of my pleasures left on display
I’m just a hollow root pushing through
I’m just the empty space inside the room

And how could you ever conceive
This adolescent heart skipping beats?
When all your love, it grows full and firm beneath
Without a festered thought, without an emerald want
Just a single slow desire fermenting

Posing For Cars Lyrics

Jubilee (2021)

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