Jewel - Half Life Lyrics

Sally came home today
Didn’t have a whole lot to say
Just thumbed the St. Jude around her neck
Took a drag off her cigarette

Gary’s still stuck at work
Spilled a green juice on his shirt
Steps outside for a little air
Half listens to whoever’s standing near

Half a glass of wine
And half a cigarette
Half the truth
And see how far you get
For all of that struggle and all of that strife
And your consolation prize:

Sally gets herself into bed
Takes half a pill to quiet her head
Watches a little TV
And drifts off into a half a sleep

Half a husband
Half a car
Going half the distance
Not getting very far
Half-mother half-wife
And your consolation prize:

Gary gets home after dark
Sits a while with his car in park
Just daydreaming
Smoking a little green

Half the time a dad
Half the time at work
Half the time worrying
Exactly what a soul is worth
For all of that struggle and all of that strife
Your consolation prize:

Half-baked plans
Half-hearted dreams
Half the time wondering
Exactly what it means
You hurry going nowhere
Time cuts you like a knife
And your consolation prize:
Oh half life

Sally came home today

Half Life Lyrics

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