Jewel - Nothing But Love Lyrics

When the day clings to you like a black cloak
Living in a fish bowl breathing through a phone
Your thoughts are like daggers turning against you
A stranger in own your skin, your heart no longer a home
All these illusions, all these delusions, are just pretty distractions
That leave you half full but starving your soul

Let it fall away
‘Til all that remains
Is love

When the hurricane of white teeth and false stands and quick hands
Leaves you naked and wondering how things got so turned around
And the puzzle of opinions feels more like a prophecy
Talking you out of your own ship ’til you start to drown
And you wake up and you want to apologize
Because the heights of your dreaming left you feeling unworthy and down

Let it all fall away
‘Til all that remains
Is love

Fear can steal the voices of people
And hate can kill like a disease
And anger can control entire nations
But love but love
Can bring a world to its knees

Nothing but love

Nothing But Love Lyrics

Freewheelin' Woman (2022)
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