John Smith - Come So Far Lyrics

I draw inspiration from the monotonous
And the moronically obvious
Hating on the pop culture opera
Just stewing in my own juices
All stuffy
But it ain’t like I need Otrivin
Pacing in a rut so deep that I can hang posters in it
Decorated with a dead lab rat
That finally collapsed and lapsed
Into sleep after it couldn’t stop running laps
Yeah you know how I feel
If you’re a shopping cart with a wonky wheel
I haven’t learned how to stop writing attack raps
That make some wanna give dap and most want to smack me
Smitty’s a hippy who don’t hackie
My beef ain’t with the wack but the tacky
I read Dostoevsky while on break from the factory
I pop pills and drank till I couldn’t handle the trip
Then celebrated the following month of sobriety by getting ripped
Hit full stride then tripped into a piping hot face full of humble pie
I’m truthfully telling you
Any shit talking on my part is a disgraceful lie
A building of heliacal sky
Of scavenge broken windows that I won’t be able to break
All surrounded with a lake
In which swim non lethal waters snakes
You have to swim across it cause the bridge has been burnt
And if you’ve seen that PLS album
I’ll still be wearing that same purple Fermented Reptile shirt

«Don’t mean to boast, but we’re the most» — Sugar Hill Gang ‘Rapper’s Delight’

Used to battle sailors fresh off the ships
Call it a day bro, cash in your chips
Loose leaf lips what happened to juice?
Mine turned to beef deep…rapper produce
I made an ass bet
Hold the fort funny
Laugh to the bank with a grip of short money
Still make tape retail sells the shit
Gotta love it when rappers diss
My female relatives, they hella bitch
The stock, I don’t spit the chalk
Or spit for our sake, I spit to get rich and get my ducks sick
Park Like Birdapres slummed out, counting endless bank
Camped out on my mom’s couch
Back to the crumb snatch supposed to be brine stone
Poised for a comeback, nose to the grindstone
Eyes on that watch too late for excuses
At 25 years timing is Swiss movement
Who’s house? You’re kidding, whole house freeze
Probably one of the top five MC’s
When I get mine I’ll hang and frame the treaty
From the roster, you get crossed out like gang graffiti
Found untorn, guys like you, don’t hang around no more

A perfect fit for those cement shoes and a crown of thorns
No head bop to the beat
This new swaying say dues paying
For blue eyed soul suckers and blues playing

I’ve come so far, I’ve moved back in with my folks
Got no rent to pay and still manage to stay broke

And I’ve come so far, I’ve done nothing in years
But make my neighbors sleep with cotton stuffed in their ears

And I’ve come so far made a dope album and dropped it
Yet some of best friends still ain’t copped it

And I’ve come so far I have people to talk with
About underground rap when I only buys hot shit

I’ve come so far, getting fed so I can’t beg
Walking around with yesterday’s sock in my pant leg

And I’ve come so far I make my music known
But don’t have the loot to pay off my student loans

And I’ve come so far, rock a jam live
But when you tell me that it’s dope I might not look you in your eyes

And I’ve come so far I’ve even got class honey
Won’t buy you dinner but I’ll chip in on gas money

I’ve come so far

«I know you wanna make move but son you besta take a second look» — J-Live ‘Braggin’ Writes’

And I’ve come so far

Come So Far Lyrics

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