John Smith - I'm Rollerblading! Lyrics

Yo, honey pie. My bro over there is the baddest skater there is. So, why don’t you rush me them digits and maybe, just maybe he’ll give you a call


I wake up
Scratching my hairless legs, and rip open the curtains
An azure sky and birds in birch chirping
Lather up
Best I can the shower’s like being peed on
Don’t know what
I’ll wear today but you can bet that it’s neon
Mostly green
Shorts to match my blades lining
Deer hunt orange
T-shirt to match my blade’s binding
I wear my
Roots hat backward to top it all off
Well aware
That some of these cool guys scoff
They call them
Fruit boots but can’t wreck my fun time
There’s wheels here
Pick my shoes up I’m walking on sunshine
Back of my
Shirt reads «He’s Rad» for all of those hating
Sinch your straps
Up my kneepads and now I’m rollerblading

I’m rollerblading
I’m rollerblading
Sinch your straps up my kneepads and now I’m rollerblading
T-Shirt reads «He’s Rad» for all of those hating
Sinch your straps up my kneepads and now I’m rollerblading

Nice boots buttercup
Well you’re almost like a skateboarder
Uhh, retro and passe in urban extremes
Sushi, olive eating
Rocking two martini lunch to get the heart beating
The gourmet chef, middle class Cosmo reading
Super dad, knee pad and FM Walkman on
Rocking, not afraid to show your feminine side when gliding
«Look it’s little Nancy Kerrigan»
You live a life of thrills always riding on the edge
I love seeing you do those little jumps off the curb

Extremely urban you are serving it up really working up a sweat
(And don’t forget it’s great exercise like Tae Bo)
Okay little girls, you’re not hockey players
You look like roller hoes with knee pads and jock straps
Too the extreme you rock your boots like a cowboy
Wow boy
You got it going on knowing all the long
Your zitty ass showing under your neon thong
But don’t get me wrong I love the fruit boot
Banana rama two scoop and a gold loop
Wearing spandex with that camel toe showing
So it seems you didn’t need to
And here I am giving you props, sorry I didn’t mean to
And seen through those eyes you’d probably be embarrassed
To know that rollerblading is the favorite sport of your parents
Now I’m giving you one chance to undo those fruity laces
Before we lay the boots to you and what’s left of your good graces

He’s a real searching
What’s he searching for?
The ride. The ultimate ride
The guys even crazier than you Johnny

I’m more straight edge than all you hardcore kids without the term
A power pack of extreme sports, the old guy that does the worm
Funky fresh, dressed to impress, skate by the party
Get high from roller blades and arcades, it keeps me hardy
I wasn’t always this cool, a virgin, went bald in grade nine
Had issues now I’m pushy like the cops, keep you in line
I’m feeling fine
This is my love, been down since day one
Like when your whole wack family would hit the streets like Chicken Run
Fanny pack weighs a ton
Leather gloves, blue Gatorade
Gruf and I clogging down the bike path in roller blades
Skate circles around Gordski, I never heard the word «fall»

Cutting in and out of shoppers like mass murder at the mall
I’m all that and then some, getting plenty of double takes
Cause my fruity boots look like a pair of hockey skates
Wrist weights to exercise in my zany crusade
Knee pads cost an arm and a leg, they’re custom made
Fiber glass reinforce, my ear buds inject the hip
Can’t throw me off course, function fashion I stay dip
Cover my zits with a Billabong long sleeve on my back
And if you ever see me in shoes it’s cause I’m play hacky sack

I’m rollerblading
I’m rollerblading
Chew gum like my jaw is loose, I’m rollerblading
DC Talk tour t-shirt cause God is waiting
One rap bulldog with shades on man I’m rollerblading
I’m rollerblading
I’m rollerblading
Fasten my chinstrap helmet, laws suck I’m rollerblading
T-shirt reads «God Rules» to battle off Satan
One rap bulldog with shades on man I’m rollerblading

«Crazy flamboyant» — KRS-One
«Rolling» — Ol’ Dirty Bastard

I'm Rollerblading! Lyrics

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