Kataklysm - Icarus Falling Lyrics

Ambition beyond your wildest dreams
You can’t stop me, I wanna reach the sky

Hold on, like never before,
As chaos descends, the burning fire,
Feeds my soul, feeds my sanity,

The winds are calling, immortal wound,
I’m driven, everlasting… at war
Mental degradation, fighting spirit alive,
I’ll never fail, I’ll never fail you

Sometimes I feel like the world has let me down,
Sometimes I feel like my wings are burning
Hear me now, deaf to the world, falling from the sky,
Dying inside, sadness engulfs me, tears of blood
Dysfunction of will, honor ’til death, holding on,
Fighting the dawn, wearing me down, I see the sun

Icarus Falling Lyrics

Unconquered (2020)

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