Koe Wetzel - Sundy Or Mundy Lyrics

You don’t like anything
You sit and laugh at every word I say
Fuck your funny games
It’s rainy outside and I’m too tired to play
It’s about time we made a change
I shot the driver dead and then I grabbed the reigns
And drove around until I found a preacher that could save me

Is it Sunday or is it Monday?
Who knows?

Hey, check this out

Everybody wants the answers
I just look and smile
I flash the teeth and I make it seem
Like everything is doing just fine

But is it Sunday or is it Monday?
Who knows?

And I can’t find a single reason why
The days I seem to love you come and go
If you fuck me right and leave me wrong
Then I will probably never let you go

Is it Sunday or is it Monday?
I don’t know

So we might as well live our life
Without a single worry in the world
Even though it’s likely we will die
We’ll die without ever needing to know

If it’s Sunday or if it’s Monday
‘Cause I don’t know
And I can’t tell if it’s Sunday or if it’s Monday
Who fucking knows

Sundy Or Mundy Lyrics

Sellout (2020)

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