Kurt Vile - Jesus On A Wire Lyrics

Jesus on the phone talking ’bout a nervous breakdown
Even he don’t know how to bail us out of this one
«What a mess,» I sing to myself thinkin’ ’bout another song
I wanna reach out to old Jesus (and) tell him I, too, feel alone
And I’m here to save you

Jesus on a wire
And he’s lookin’ very tired
And me. I don’t blame him
And I almost want to claim him

So I ring a couple chords out on my Martin Double O
And I see them floating upward and I watch ’em as they go
Into the pockets of Judas Iscariot in the sky

Up through the cracks in the ceiling

Jesus on the edge and I feel the same way lately
And he hammers down some numbers
And it shakes the sky like thunder

I saw him risin’
O’er the horizon
And I saw him fall
When the scene dissipated
And the world just waited and waited
For a return


Jesus On A Wire Lyrics

(watch my moves) (2022)
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