Larry June - Gas Station Run Lyrics
feat. Cardo

Ay ay ay ay ay
You know
Bouncin’ out at the gas station and shit
Lambos and Raris
We can’t make this shit up nigga, yaw mean?
Cardo, what’s happenin’?
Into the late night, straight up
Numbers, ay ay ay ay

Fifty on three, ninety one when I’m pumpin’
It’s Friday night, and the blade is jumpin’
She put it in my hand now I’m smokin’ and I’m thumbin’
If she ain’t cashin’ out then she gotta do somethin’
Bounced out, parking lot pimp, motor runnin’
Sidin’ on me chunky, ‘case a nigga try somethin’
I’on’t give a fuck about your motherfuckin’ politics
Get up off your ass lil’ nigga make somethin’
Money on my motherfuckin’ mind while I’m slidin’
Cardo hit my phone like, when the fuck we drivin’?
I said off top, hit the left, perfect timing
I was in the go club in the city, rockin’ diamonds
Locked eye with her, and I knocked fasho
Said she just like to dance she don’t like to hoe
I said cool, take a nigga number and hit me
The next week she was slidin’ in my black six fifty
What’s happenin’?
You know I’m sayin’
Money counters and shit, doin’ numbers
Ay ay ay ay ay (Good job)
Late night cruisin’ you know I mean?
Somethin’ [?] with me too (Yes lord)
Ay you know she gon’ do numbers nigga (Good Job)
Ay ay ay ay ay

I was just gon’ do one verse
But fuck it, I hit this weed
I’m in LA with Snoop, Texas with bomb bitch
Screamin’ R.I.P. Pimp C (Pimp C)
I’m a fresh ass nigga with a whole lotta game
Goyard backpack, hoppin’ off the plane
If Ion’t do nothin’ bitch I’ma get paid
Hold on, let me wipe the dust off my shades
Movin’ groovin’ dippin’ slidin’
What a time, but I’m gettin’ head on a island
You’re beautiful, gorgeous, ooh, stylin’ (Ay ay ay)
Back shots, hoo, wylin’
1 whip, 2 whip, 3, can’t decide
Hold on, wood grain wheel when I’m ridin’ (Ridin’)
Don’t check me bitch check that mileage (Mileage)
Certified mack in this motherfucka vibin’

What’s happenin’
Ay ay ay ay ay
Touch screen toasters and shit
(Good job Larry)
Know that’s regular and shit know what I mean?
Told that bitch whip it up quick you know I mean I got shit to do
Ay ay ay
Numbers, with yo’ sexy ass
Know I love it when you do that (Good job)
Ay ay ay ay ay
Ay ay ay ay ay
Yeehee, Cardo
Into the late night into the late night
Yeah ay, Shh Shh
What’s happenin’, yeehee
TFM, yes lord, shh, shh, shh

Gas Station Run Lyrics

Into The Late Night (2021)
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