Leviathan - Born Unto Lyrics

Here we are in the middle of our own universe
A private central park. Sitting on chanukah hill with Tyrone and Agnus
Sleeping with slinky on the steps of the capital
East evangelistic carpet bagger. The suns at 10 plus 3
Blinded by ghosts in bikini’s searching for the illusive tan line

Born Unto But Don’t Belong to Me

Love handled sports fans cheering cellulite triumph
Exercising victory, RTD, Give me a transfer
Kings and safety guards on strike
It’s not your business but I’ll hook you up
Bakery chef, bread winner. We have the goods
Boys in the hood. Little Tijuana, Larimer square
Colfax whores, prices fair. Drink Muddy’s decaf. Twist of lemon

Born Unto But Don’t Belong to Me

Run around where colors abound without a sound
Lost in five points, points a 9mm
Martin Luther rests under a shade tree
Free me for less that what it costs you to smile

Born Unto But Don’t Belong to Me

Cultural tours, spanish lessons. Texans migrate, Californians take over
Move me out. I’m not sore. Capacity discharge
Hold a grudge, hold down the fort, my boats been blown off course

Born Unto Lyrics

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