Leviathan - Turning Up Broken Lyrics

Two voices connected by scaling arms. Outreach programmed to detect
Vacuous thought pushing from 180 degrees
Extend your tether to defect
Ravens wings span to their limits
How far are you willing to go?
Examples given, defend your opinions
You’ve stumbled across frontiers stumbled across by men greater than yourself
Dissolving in a pool, evolving cruel. A higher life forming

There’s been times I couldn’t face turning up broken in this place
You have found me, found me out
But still can’t see what I’m about

Use your superior intellect and master thesis to prove me wrong
Religious guilt holds you back or was it your mother?
Over protect. Locked in a crawl space til worlds are safe to conquer
Released on occasion, sleep walk to metropolis

Carve out a living
Make your mark before times up or does time not exist
I insist to those burdened by the financial lack of
Time must carry a certain significance
Struggle to get in back of the corporate monster
Run the ladder to the clocktower trying to convince the minute hand
To pocket the secrets to why we are all here

My self I have found the answer
I believe with literal definition
Educated but could not predict angered disposition
I won’t presume to speak for the small minds collective
It’s safe to assume my money’s where my mouth is

Turning Up Broken Lyrics

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