Luxerx - Vamp Anthem Lyrics

When them vamps outside, lil’ bitch, you better be ready
Say my name three times, appear like Bloody Mary
That’s adrenochrome, they drink no Bloody Mary
I got styrofoam, pour lean on with the berries
You don’t like that shit, but is better than blood of a baby
You don’t like that shit but you getting higher than a satelite
Til you stop to breathe, I’m a young bitch waiting for my prime
Often I feel like Carti, cause I miss rubbin on her butt
Shawty knows I wanna to that, bitch, we in the cut
She was blond like Iggy, now reds over all
That’s that shit that happened when shе sucked my blood
Fuck a opp, I just get rid of the beef shit tho
Two throw shots on thе net
One’s a thot and the other one’s a fed
Y’all just wanting me to shitpost
Baddest bitch I’ve met in life and is all mine
Let her get my naked mile, baby, John White
Shawty want a rockstar, okay, but love hurts
Vamp anthem, don’t hang under the sunlight
My blood started freezing like a cold pipe
My bro started glistening with his own shine
Told bro we have to make it fore’ the sunshine
Told bro we have to make it fore’ the sunshine
When this ends, I’ll take myself on a vacay
No new friends, each day they making less sense
They think I got COVID or some, I do not handshake
ASSC, nobody will trick me
Hoe so wet, underwater, she a mermaid
On the bed, gotta get up, don’t want get late
Did a 180 on my life
Straight from Transilvania, I’m a vampire
Vamp Anthem, Vamp!

Vamp Anthem Lyrics

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