Mo Pitney - I Met Merle Haggard Today Lyrics

I spent the morning pouring concrete
I had a good hot plate of chicken for lunch
Filled the tank cause it was empty
Had a few errands to run
And I know what your thinkin
That sounds a little bit mundane
But just wait… I met Merle Haggard Today

My buddy called and said Haggard’s in town to tape the Marty Stuart show
So meet me at the back door down in NorthStar studios
2/4 2013 4:45 was the time and date
Hey… I met Merle Haggard today

Oh what was I thinking
Should have took a picture with my phone
Or a least record him singing ‘pleasure to meet you Mo’
But it was over in a second
Then he strolled down to the stage
But it’s OK… Cause I met Merle Haggard today
At least I can say… I met Merle Haggard today

I Met Merle Haggard Today Lyrics

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