Mo Pitney - Looks Like Rain Lyrics

I don’t have to open up my eyes
Crawl out of bed or raise the mini blinds
Look likes rain
Looks like rain

Turn on the TV worthless weatherman
Perfect day for all your outdoor plans
Looks like rain
Looks like rain

Walk out and grab the paper
The neighbor’s cutting grass
What’s wrong with him, guess he hasn’t heard
She packed up the blue sky
And took it on that plane
There ain’t been no sunshine since she went away

No, that’s not a shadow on the ground
That’s just a cloud that follows me around
Looks like rain
Looks like rain

I’d love to close up this umbrella
Put a pair of Ray Bans on
Lay down on some beach
‘Cause the clouds are gone
But the best that I can hope for
Is just get through the day
And then wake up tomorrow
To a lighter shade of gray

I know some day the sun will shine again
Right now, I’d probably better head back in
Looks like rain
Looks like rain
Looks like rain

Looks Like Rain Lyrics

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