Mo Pitney - Old Stuff Better Lyrics

Got a closet full of brand new jeans
That just don’t feel as good to me
As this holey worn out pair that I’ve got on
And I could buy a brand new truck
But there’s something about dents and rust
That won’t let a guy forget where he came from

Yeah a new ride would have
Brand new leather
But I like the old stuff better

There’s something ’bout an old time town
An old café, an old courthouse
That makes me want to stop and buy a Coke

I love old songs, old guitars
Jukebox, old country stars
And scratchy 45’s popping off
Hey I like CDs too
But for the record
I like the old stuff better

Must be where I came from
‘Cause it’s always where I go
Yeah, I know I was born with an old soul
Hey, I like things with history and a story to be told
I guess that’s just the way I’m put together
I like the old stuff better

Hey I’m not knocking progress
I’m glad we’re gaining ground
But sometimes I just wish we could slow down
That’s why I love when mama writes me
‘Cause she puts paper to pen
Yeah, I’ve got that drawer where I keep all her letters
Yeah I’ll admit email’s pretty clever
But I like the old stuff better
I like the old stuff better

Old Stuff Better Lyrics

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