Mo3 - Slide On Em Lyrics

I’m cuththroat! BG4L!
I’m still in the streets nigga!
Yea! Momotherfucking 3 nigga

Like 2 o-clock I got call my dog died but i’m mourning
Declined the call cause I been plotting all morning how i’ma smoke em
Caught em lacking at the club, i’m in motion guess what i’m toting
Every opp I got they know to be active cause I ain’t goin! Yeah!
All in traffic did em dirty shots fired my window open, watch that nigga spin around kept on rolling. I’m on some more shit. (True Story)
He barely made it, i’m like fuck it i’m posted up i’m getting closer
Call all his potnas and put em up! Hocus pocus cause it ain’t ova!
Back to back we hit em up, they knowing what my intentions is
In the streets bitch ima judge, my opps gone get this life sentence than
Check the score, the cemetary full I done put all of them bitches in!
Three bodies in the same month, that other body was on accident
I know they tired of dressing up in them suits, well bitch im sick of them
My gorillas got the drop just need the car got get the windows tinted
Left a nigga brain dead, oh well he’ll never talk again
You talking to the chalker man, I chalk em out and do my dance

Slide on em (Whyiiii)
This is for my enemies! (Gang)
Im gone slide on em (Whyiiii)
Yelling lord forgive me soon as I go ride on em
Turn you into a mememory!
Im gone slide on em (Whyiii)
I’m gone slide on em! Yea! (Whyyyii)

Slide On Em Lyrics

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