Mustafa - Capo Lyrics
feat. Sampha

Shadows and stones
This place isn’t ours anymore
I can’t be alone
Oh, it all reminds me of our war
I try scrubbing it off when I’m in the shower
I stare at myself in the mirror for hours
I’ve held it all in and I can’t go much longer

And it’s time
It’s time

Growing up in, in, in, in my
You know what I’m saying? I’ve lost a lot of people

And I can’t let it go
This feeling I have won’t settle
Won’t stop raining, we’re at sea level
And this pain is never gentle
It anchors me into the rubble
But I’m breathing fine
Oh, I’m breathing fine

And it’s time
And it’s time

Grieving the birth of a new day
That’s not a great place
That’s not a great place
So, it’s time

Capo Lyrics

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