Nazareth - Let The Whiskey Flow Lyrics

Time to see the Eagle soar
Time to rage against this cage
Time to hear the Lion’s roar again
Time has come to take the stage

So let the band play on
Let inhibition go
The battlefield is calling
Tomorrow, they will know
We’ll take a shot of courage
And finally overthrow
So open up that barrel now
Let the whiskey flow

We are the Demon in the fire
We are as waves upon the shore
We are relentless, and we will never tire
We’re coming through your castle door

Feel the rain come down
Upon the seeds they’ve sown
Inevitable consequence
The flowers fully grown
The future is unwritten
So raise the standard high
Open up that barrel
Let your spirit fly

We have the means
To build on dreams
And rise up from below
It’s worth fighting for a future
That you may never know

The cycle must be broken
It’s time to break the cast
The past is not forgotten
But the lessons, they will last
So let the band play on
Welcome to the show
Open up that barrel now
Let the whiskey flow

And let the whiskey flow

Let The Whiskey Flow Lyrics

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