Nazareth - Sinner Lyrics

Can I have a quick word in your ear?
Just do as I say
And you’ll have nothing to fear

No, you wouldn’t be my first scapegoat
And don’t bet if I will or I won’t
I know you thought, that maybe I cared
But I don’t

I’m a sinner

Anyone see the paper today?
I destroyed that man
And I just walked away

Up here, Heaven is higher
But down there, I’m in charge of the fire
Did you think
That you could lie to a liar?

I’m a sinner
I’m a sinner

Don’t make me wanna come to you
(He’s got, lots of tales to tell)
I’m gonna make you big, big news
(Oh Man, the stories he could sell)
Am I really going to light the fuse?
Oh God
Is he gonna drop a bombshell
A bombshell
Trick is, you can never tell
Yeah I’ll let you burn in Hell

I’m a sinner
I’m a sinner

Forgive me

Sinner Lyrics

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