Nekrogoblikon - A Lesson In Hate Lyrics

Well you never told me why
I didn’t even ask
Maybe there was a goblin waiting
For you oh yeah
Life- it’s so God damn worthless
How did it come to be
I want to take out your intestines
With a spoon
But now you don’t wanna die
Yeah you changed your mind
But hey, it’s too late baby
So close your eyes
And curse your fate
This is a simple lesson in hate

Pulling off your arms
Pulling off your legs
The goblins grate your skin
And use it to make bread
They slit your throat
And then they twist off your head
And now you are in space
And now you are dead

In new dimensions unexplored
Of wretched pain
Like a brazen bull
With your naked family
Burning at the stake
In hell
You pray for death
But you’re never gonna get it
At least not yet
Gonna be fifty hours or more
Oh yeah
How do you like the look of your insides
I relish your despair

Hey now you’re gonna die
This is what I call a life in disrepair
But to be fair like an iron maiden
You been dyin’ since day 1
Wow, ain’t that fun
What a blast
I’m gonna use a broken bottle and shred your ass
Well ain’t that just your luck
You’re a stupid
It’s the larcen of your life
Burning molten metal
Melting down your throat
They make your skin into a coat
And that’s your lesson in hate

Write me a love letter
Signed in your blood
Cry me a blood river
Blood blood blood blood
Burn in your pain
Drown in your shame
Pull your arms
Pull your legs
Pull your face
Let’s make a hat from your skin
This is hatecraft

Now I’m going to take you to the moon

A Lesson In Hate Lyrics

The Fundamental Slimes and Humours (2022)
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