Nekrogoblikon - Carousels Lyrics

I got no clue
But I got a lotta time

I’m making sense
‘Til I need it again
Everything’s expanded
Then it shrinks again
I solve a problem
Comes back tenfold
Can’t pretend to remember
What I am told

I remember when you used to ride your bike around
Now the sun is setting and all we can do is pray
For a better tomorrow
You never get the chance to wipe the past away

Turnin’ around and around again
Wishing wells
Everything’s a lie again

Burning rainbows
And shadows on the wall
I never believed
In fairy tales
But I don’t know
If you would call this
A happy ending

You are all alone

Still remember when we used to ride our bikes around
Now I know that some things are lost and that’s okay
Because it’s never tomorrow
You only ever get to be alive today

So you spend your life
Tryin’ to ride the stars
N’then you wake up one day
Thinkin’ why’m I livin’ in a car

And your car won’t start
And you remember yesterday
When you thought to yourself:
Things are gonna be the worst today

Carousels Lyrics

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