Ninja Sex Party - The Decision Part 2: Ten Years Later Lyrics


You’re probably thinking to yourself
It’s been ten years, so where and how
Is Ninja Sex Party now?
Well we’re still freakin awesome and we’re back at your house!

Once we came to see
Who you wanted to sleep with, Brian or me
Now’s your second chance, Congrats in advance
We’re all grown up and ready for romance

Now maybe we can help you out
Cause Brian and I are still single somehow
We’ve been on tour
Now we’re so fucking mature
[*fart*] Brian!
The sexual arousening
You richly deserve is what we can bring
But before we begin
Let me tell you where we’ve been

We’ve had so many adventures
I’ve made meaningful love to furniture
We’ve been on Road Trips round the world
I had almost-sex with like a hundred girls
FYI I learned Why I Cry
There were Unicorn Wizards and Samurai
Dick, dick, balls
Heed my boners’ calls
Some were from the heart, some had no reason at all

Now here we are at your door
After laser filled fights with dinosaurs
Got my dragon lance
But I still just want to dance

Went to 6969
Learned that I was cool as fuck, just on the inside
In our Party of Three
We’re the nut lords of your dreams

Wow. In the ten years since we last saw each other, we’ve grown so much
As people, as musicians, and also as people
Oh and since you’re probably wondering
Here’s a short list I compiled of everybody in the world who does not have a crippling STD

…Number One: Ninja Brian
Oh sorry wrong list
Brian’s got an STD
Brian’s got an STD
Brian’s got an STD

…And I don’t get it
He probably shouldn’t
He’s never even had real sex with a woman
And when we kiss
Brian will be pissed
He’ll have to die alone with his micropenis

The Decision Part 2: Ten Years Later Lyrics

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