Noah Gundersen - Atlantis Lyrics
feat. Phoebe Bridgers

If I was Atlantis and you were the sea
I’d sneak up behind you and break your knees
I’d cut off your fingers and both of your feet
So you couldn’t reach me, but you couldn’t leave

If I was a painter, if I was brave
I’d hang up a canvas and give it a name
I’d call it the future and just leave it blank
Get high off the fumes and die in the paint

It’s overdramatic, yeah, I know
Somebody cast me in a TV show
Where I play an addict, a drunken romantic
Always reaching for another drink
But after a season I’d get replaced
By some asshole with a better face
But I’ll steal the costume on my way out
And I’ll wear it when we go dancing

Wipe all the makeup off of your face
We can turn off the lights if it makes you feel safe
I learned about love in American cars
A rusted-out frame and a lot of spare parts

But there in the backseat, freezing cold
Just barely seventeen years old
I saw the dragon and I gave chase
A perfect example of a hopeless case
And every doctor that drew my blood
Could find no explanation
Maybe it’s a virus, maybe it’s love
Or just my imagination

If I was Atlantis and you were the sea
I’d sneak up behind you and set you free

Atlantis Lyrics

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