Novo Amor - No Plans Lyrics

I bet you all froze when I said «I’m done»
And I wasn’t gold, I know
Sweat it out cold till you’re bleeding sun
Sit it out, sweat it out, I’m going home

It’s deafening
I said I’d stay when I should’ve gone
My, my, my, my, my, don’t go it alone
I said, «I bet it all goes, and I bet it screams your name»
And I should’ve known, I know
I shouldn’t impose, but I’ve got no plans today
Just sit it out, sweat it out, let it out

Here’s to betting I spend my life wrong
Sitting at home, staring at the wall
So cheers to letting go
I made my mind up
But where did it go, where did it go wrong?

Yeah, I’m stayin’ home
I guess it’s up
Goddamn, I know
I know
I know

No Plans Lyrics

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