Orville Peck - Hexie Mountains Lyrics

Blue child, repeat it in your head
Young man, fill yourself with dread
«Come home», the Hexie Mountains said
To begin another end
It don’t feel right to see you, friend
And wouldn’t it be nice if I could sleep in my own bed?
The Hexie Mountains said

What happens when the well has dried?
Take me down the dusty side
I can’t find the words, so I guess it’s time
To move on once again
Down the path less tread
And wouldn’t it be nice if I could let the dead stay dead?
The Hexie Mountains said

Take me far enough to say we’re gone
I haven’t been out in so long
Noah called to write a song
I’m not saying I’m not scared
That the wind’ll blow and stick my stare
But wouldn’t it be nice if I could hold it off again?
Wouldn’t it be swell if I could get things off my chest?
«Maybe you’d learn to live with what’s inside your head»
Hexie Mountains said

Hexie Mountains Lyrics

Bronco (2022)
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