Osay - Funk Freestyle Lyrics

I treat that nigga like a field goal
Meaning we kick it
But I don’t mean to bother him long
I’m bout my business
Find me in the back
Hanging with video hoes
‘Cause I be hotter then hell baby
I’ll heat up the snow
Easy breezy
Feeling like Queen Beezy
Can’t leave this music alone
The game needs me
They say the best things in life are free
Yeah that’s cool but you better give me the green
Hoes they admire me
Foes be conspiring
Gold I’m acquiring
Riches and the finer things
You know I’m the dopest
So don’t you lie to me
Nigga i’m the boss
You can’t fire me
You see everything that I do
Pay attention
Cause look I’m behind you
Some of these clowns are clearly lacking a purpose
You talk so much shit yo booty hole get nervous

Now move it
Imma need you to be like who this
Hey hey hey
It’s Osay
I do my own thang
I need you to sway to the left
And I need you to sway to the right
Cause ain’t nobody drop like I’m dropping
So why don’t you just play this thing

Hear ye, hear ye
Everybody go fear me
Funny money vision
But now they see it clearly
Listen imma get on like one way or another
Why date you when i could date your brother
My looks be deceiving
I’m taking aim for a reason
I don’t know but I’m handsome
I mean pretty
Shitty in the city
Looking dapper
As a condom rapper
I don’t give him options
I’m about to break him like a cracker
Yo I spazz on these figures
And all these bitches they lame
I see why they can’t hang with me
Cause clearly we not the same
I mean we run in the same lame
But you see how they switching
Look at the way that they walking
These people acting like bitches
Don’t even think about it
I tell em he done
Cause when I heat ya
Freeze ya
I’m never ever gon see ya
How the hell she doing that all through the mix
I mean it’s not a problem for me cause I don’t exist

Funk Freestyle Lyrics

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