Osay - I'm On High Lyrics

Ooh oh oh
We back
Lets go like ayye
Clap you hands like this
Clap your hand like this
Clap your hands like this
Lets go

I was on low
Now I’m on high
Cause ain’t nobody out
That got a swagga like mine
Ooh I’m too fly
If you don’t like it then bye
Cause i remember when I was a tragic chick
A masochist
A basic chick
They hate the chick
Damn my eyes hurt
Get me some Lasik bitch
Cause I remember when I wasn’t making shit
I mean I’m broke as fuck
But I’m posting up
You claim that you’re cold
But you’re prolly not
Well you can watch me while I pop and lock
Neighbors upset cause the bass it knocks
Well we don’t give a fuck bitch call the cops
Professional meddler
Problem we can bet it up
If not
I’ll be at the mall
Getting a pedicure
Local competitor
You look like a predator
You’re behind me
I’m 2 steps ahead of ya
Sorry Charlie you’re not on my caliber
Cause either you drive or your passenger
If I don’t know you better back it up
Or ya’ll gon make me wanna go
See no evil
Please don’t
Start no shit
That really ain’t legal
She so skitzo yo
So what ya’ll mad at me for

I was on low
Now I’m on high
I’m tryna get it poppin
But it’s not the right time
So keep it low key
Your daddy be on me
He tryna get my number
So he can stroke me
Oh you got a show
My bad we didn’t notice
But ain’t nobody coming out to see you Otis
Oh shit
She be spazzing with it
But these people alway lion
Carole Baskin with it
So I gotta new shimmy shimmy
Wrap like chimi-
I don’t wanna hear none of your problems
Cause you can’t bother me
And homie get up off of me
I was on high
Now I’m on low
I’m a crazy muther fucker
I wanted you all to know
So better leave me alone
And don’t try this at home
Cause I’m on a freakin high

I'm On High Lyrics

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