Oz the Oddz - Paper Plane Lyrics

Lay my body down right on my bed
And smokin big joint till I can’t stand
Ran to my homies while these eyes red
My indon understand
They ask me some of that
Cause they got some bad bitches to chillin with
Im glad to hear that
So I inhale some smoke to my nose hole
My soul fly nowhere, my bones movin’ slow mo
Stick my dick into her hole
Blow slow, she expect me to cum tho
But sorry, bitch, I’m not wack, ho
Free my indon lil chevy
Shits heavy
Put on my hoodie and beanie
Start to cruise the city
Call my indon julio and askin where’s the booty
Go drove somewhere else, find these cheeks wearin some fendi’s
Give her a candy, she lick it like she’s in a training
Bitch name totiana, buss her down, I make her raining
Rappers tryna makin hit, but OZ keep on winning
I make your bitches dirty, now you white boy need to clean it

Uh, oz in this bitch, I put my shit on another level
Me and najo hit the game, put some shit on another level

Ayo, najo where you at, man ?
Let’s pop some wack rappers head when they start to spit a fake facts
Skate deck on the wall give me little throwback
Cowbell on the music, now I play the different style
Well, let me call tilda and askin her where she been ?

I got some joints to smoke but I see her busy with her friend
So I smoke it with this bitch, she said she comin’ from spain
Codeine on my cup, she start to call me yung cobain
Never sober since quarantine
Alcohol, weed, and some lean
Start to sippin on double cup, smokin to gain some nicotine
I open the tinder, I find this shawty, she’s a teen
Ask for date, and when it’s done, I lick her till its clean
Now im trippin off the shrooms
And sleepin naked at her room
Goons played some of the doom track
Touch the snooze, drink a redbull
Back in the stu, bring a soda and some food
Crew with me start to pop some booze to get a mood

Uh, oz in this bitch, I put my shit on another level
Me and najo hit the game, put some shit on another level

Paper Plane Lyrics

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