Perturbator - Secret Devotion Lyrics
feat. True Body

My blood is on your lips
Bow down for me, honey
You seal it with a kiss
Love is alive in my mind and in my eyes

Come down to us, they’ll cry
Come down to us, they’ll cry
We’ll try

It feels so different now
That I pull the trigger
I’d like to show you how
To kill on command

A slow kind of kiss will do
A slow kind of kiss will do

I’ve gotten lower
I’ve been to the temple
Nowhere from here
Back then forward
I’m sick of the cycle
I’m wiping it clear

Living weak has its cost
A little given is abundance lost
I won’t lose again

Live to dream
It’s not your fault
You press the iron
I feel it hot
I’ll gladly burn again

I can take it, now

Secret Devotion Lyrics

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