Qveen Herby - Mad Qveen Mantra Lyrics

I feel (I feel, I feel) now it’s becoming real for me love
Life can be sweet (life can be sweet, life can be sweet) as soon as you believe you’re enough
You’ve got to heal, let go and dust your crown off
A mad queen, well she just fucking knows what she wants

Stay present, focused, breathe
You run until you see
These other bitches out
Just never could be me
Can’t do it like me, bitch
Nothing comes for free
Give love and love and grace, s-s-s-s-s-say

I take a lifetime to reach the death of my darkness
What was heavy once, light as a feather, I’m soaring

Damn, it took so long to learn that it’s right
Now I’m just mad (Now I’m just mad, now I’m just mad) those old patterns were keeping me stuck
The way I flirt with the universe and roll with the punch
Pacience and perseverence leads me to another type of come ups

Mad Qveen Mantra Lyrics

MAD QVEEN (2022)
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