Rage - Let Them Rest in Peace Lyrics

When you’re going back in time
you will find out that the biggest enemy of man is man,
always following the blind
and the greedy ones that swallow one by one.

Everyday they’re more.
Send them into war,
send them in their final battle and their bodies pile to walls.
Everyday they’re more
going through that door.
But you cannot even value what they gave you when they fall…

They were some mother’s son,
they were some father’s daughter,
not just food for guns.
Oh, now all that dreams are gone.
Just like lambs to the slaughter,
only food for guns.
Let them rest in peace

Those who claim that they can lead :
it’s their nature that they don’t respect a single human life.
Still they tread them when you bleed.
They collect the bodies, everyone must die.

Everyday they’re more …

They were some mother’s son …

Godless bloodbath No more
Let them rest in peace
One by one, dead and gone, on and on again…

Let Them Rest in Peace Lyrics

Wings of Rage
Wings of Rage (2020)

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