Rage - Man In Chains Lyrics

Now confess your many sins
The torture, it will make you speak
Fear no evil, the trial begins
And your flesh is lame and weak

See the pyres burning in the land
And the smell of death is here
Anger and fear hand in hand

Man in chains, all is pain
And submission is all in our veins
Man in chains, blood red stain
In the claws of the holy insane

All the lies that control our mindset
And the church, they proclaim it’s the truth
All the scapegoats that die for our misfortunes
Bewitched, betrayed and burned!

There’s no growth, no get ahead
The fear of god has tied us all
And the greed of just a few
Has lead us to the rim of hell

Our world, it seems, is caught up in a trap
We need to find a better way
Wake up as this nightmare begins

Man in chains…

Man In Chains Lyrics

Resurrection Day (2021)
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