Rage - Mind Control Lyrics

Do you know, you puppet on a string
You’re my slave, I’ll be your everything
Not a chance, you can’t escape me
In your head I’ll penetrate, we
Will become a unit, dear
The one you were is gone, I swear

Down, down, reality
Down, down, integrity
I’m sneaking in to get your soul
I’m total mind control!

Down, down, your dignity
Down, down, democracy
I’ve come to sneak into your soul
I’m total mind control!

I will know you better than you do
Before you wake up I’m inside you
You might think that you decide, yeah
But the script comes from my side and
In my pile of sugar world
I’ll mark you for my profit, yeah!

I know you better than you do (mind control)
You feel so clever, that’s not true!

You’re totally mind controlled!

Mind Control Lyrics

Resurrection Day (2021)
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