Remo Drive Lyrics

"Ezra And Marla"

Ezra and Marla
Went walking on the boardwalk
Often they’re quiet
Taking it all in, in silence

Their hands don’t feel the same today
He noticed her grip gets looser now every day
They’re back at home lying in bed
He knows there’s something wrong but they’re still kissing

Ezra and Marla
Go to work on Monday at nine o’clock
Getting more distant
They hardly say a word but they’re still in this

Their eyes now wander more than they used to
The person at reception’s kind of cute
They’re back at home lying naked
There’s a job to do so they do it

The silence says more than they ever did
It’s pulling, the ropes on the rack tighten
Where’s that smile? Where’s that kiss?
Where’s the sound? Who muted it?
I’m pretty sure this one wasn’t made so quiet
No spark can start a fire without something to burn

Ezra and Marla
Went walking for the last time as one

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Album "Natural, Everyday Degradation" (2019)

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