Rick - Crossfade Lyrics

And I’m getting it popping I came up
No more polo on jeans with the chain tucked
Put the lean and the bop in the same cup
And my niggas all crossfade (crossfade)
Now i got your bitch hoeing away
And she put you on pause man
When you hit her she shout out my name
Let me tell you a story bout niggas on top
They used to flop in this shit
Let me tell you something about niggas that flop
They’ll get the hang in a bit
Let me tell you I’m chosen
Let me whisper to you lean in closer
Let me part up your water like moses
Couldn’t care less about what you hoping
Saw the world up on tinder I chose it
I chose it
Saw the world up on tinder I chose it
I chose it
I know you
You hoping that i go down
But you out there and you notice
I fuck the world
And I grope it
Cause I used to roll with this shit
Back when my bro was the team
Used to record on my screens
Back when I wasn’t a teen
I think I’m made for this shit
Drumming on lockers we trained for this shit
Some of my niggas would pay for this shit
Had it for free so I’m taking a sip while they pay for this shit

Jiggy jagga i took out my fangs
Jiggy jagga i won’t lie
Jiggy jagga i feed off my pain
Jiggy jagga i don’t die
You could take out the pain
Take out the blame can’t take off the stain
Take off the chain
Can’t take out the lens
If you dont take the frame …and you can’t take my frame
Jiggy jagga i looked in your words
Jiggy jagga i saw vibes
Jiggy jagga i looked in your eyes
Jiggy jagga i saw lies
You could check out the pace check out the safe check out the frame check out the wave check out the ways …I attract all the gaze
No you can’t take my frame no

Crossfade Lyrics

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