Rittz - Dig Deeper Lyrics

Bitch, I’m back and I’m better
Comin’ harder than y’all
Only a few as dope as me
Don’t know many artists at all
Come take your spot and your property
Fuck a larceny charge
Ran through the music biz like a bull inside of a Pottery Barn
Gotta be calm cuz these robbers will shoot your legs up
Now you can’t run away
Gotta lay there beggin’, time to pay up
You wanna come try me
I will kindly show you what I’m made of
Let me by, I’m on my way up
Did a line and squeezed the lime on my Cerveza
Wait a minute, they had me boxed in
The rappеrs boxin’, I’m Tyson Fury
I’ll drop his ass and I got the cash to fight with my attorney
The firе burnin’, the tree is purple like a Vikings jersey
My bitch is workin’, her pussy spicy like rice and curry
Sometimes it’s hard to find the word
And bitch excuse my language
Don’t group my name with other rappers
Fuck how you would rank us
I wasn’t raised round country music singers
In my crew never threw no gangs up
Only use they fingers pullin’ triggers, ya-uh yeah

Looks I go bananas like Joe Bonanno
Drink Cuervo, go no Moscato
These hoes love my whole bravado
I’m thinkin’ she’s ready
She gotta work in the parking lot
She the hostess at Old Chicago
She blow me while I ate a plate of pizza spaghetti
I put my feet in Giuseppe’s
The skinny jeans wasn’t stretchy enough
To fit all the bread I had
Felt like I sat on a telephone book
This wax is from Washington State
Cigars from Nicaragua
Freshwater lobster from Maine
I get ’em shipped to Georgia
Wait a minute
What you thought a fire would cease?
Nah, that’s unlikely
Plus I like when I inspire MCs
So give it up quick
Write your retirement speech
And Nawf can rhyme when he please
Made so much money on gas
He like a modern day Michael Franzese
I was out in Vegas with homie
Danny and Rios was fightin’
We hit a lay
I spent the day off on Rodeo with Chryslers
Chillin’ backstage at the Kimmel show
Eatin’ waffles at Roscoe’s
I don’t got my name on the Walk of Fame
But I ain’t shocked that it’s not though, uh yeah uh yeah

Don’t try me that don’t work, that’s the word
If you haven’t, you’ll have to learn
On a Tab and a half a Perc
The ambassador of the GCG
And you just an actor like William Shatner as Captain Kirk
Crack a smirk, put the cash reserve under the Mattress Firm you Sleepy Sleep
Been waking all the haters on our Jeep
Ain’t got time to read
We tracin’ your location, y’all should leave
R-I, R-I, R-I-P
Y’all tweakin’, y’all on Speed? Y’all think you’re Keanu Reeves
Life like a movie we been shooting all day on and off the screen
Better get an Oscar or an Emmy
Y’all really thought I’d stop because I got that tarnished image
Too much alcohol and Xanax
Tryna prevent it knows
The North is not as friendly
As you thought
They jack your car just cuz your Charger got a Hemi
C-M-T done a one man show
Anybody comin’ at me (????)
And they breathin’ the contact smoke
Follow me on the street in a combat zone
With a white flag
More lines than a flight path
I smash through the block, I ain’t talkin’ about Mine Craft
It’s not a game when I struck your name
Hit ‘em with the body paint
I don’t even bat and eye lash

Dig Deeper Lyrics

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