Rivers of Nihil - Terrestria IV: Work Lyrics

This winter is not forgiving

Our work is never ending

Hurtling toward apathy
I can’t stay awake for the life of me
Succumb to the pressure (Pressure)
Give in to the silence and serenity

It’s not like it matters
No hope, no sense of security
Watch my mind scatter
We’re all less than what we’re meant to be

(Hallelujah) My world is static grey
(Hallelujah) Watch it all decay
This world is static grey, watch it all fade away

(Hallelujah) My heroes fade away
(Hallelujah) Launch them into space
My heroes static grey, launch them all into space
Beyond the void from which no fucking sound escapes

Let’s do this work

This tower’s crumbling
There’s no more riches to obtain
We’re just caught in this cycle

This old tower’s crumbling
This whole thing is coming down

Hold your hands and pray
We worship static grey
While we work the days away

Let the work be done

We’re all caught in an endless cycle
It feels like a premonition
You’ve seen it all before
It’s knocking at the door

Bury me so I might grow
What’s the use, we’re dying so slow
There’s so much tension in here
But no release is near

I can only push this thing so far
These words
A jumbled translation
Of the beauty that we live
(Of the beauty that we live)
Even when it’s paycheck to paycheck

Can we make it out alive?
Will we ever see the other side?

Are we really who we’re meant to be?
Slow down, just do this work with me

Are we still alive? (Still alive)
Still alive
Will we ever see the other side?
Will we ever see the other side?

Do the work

Terrestria IV: Work Lyrics

The Work (2021)
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