"Aah Whoa" Lyrics

Robert Glasper Lyrics

"Aah Whoa"
feat. Muhsinah & Queen SheCago

You haven’t fallen apart because I exist
You haven’t decided your life is a complete waste because I let you look at me
Nah you’re not a failure, just the alternative to success
You will rust
Your perspective is weakened by emotion
Giving me everything I want has nothing to do with me
Your declaration of self-esteem screams just the opposite
Laughable in my diary
You enjoy being beat
Stuck in clone relationships losing quality and resolution with each copy of me
Teach your smile to become a habit
Maybe you’ll stop getting kicked out of places you don’t own
Here’s my first lie:
I’ll be here when you get home
Stop texting me about shopping
I’d rather be cleaning the grout in the bathtub after 48 visitors than being seen with you in the shopping mall
I’d rather be threading my eyebrows after a sunburn alone than with you at all
But we all know how the story goes
You can only hate someone
Your once truly loved

Album "Fuck Yo Feelings" (2019)

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