Ryley Walker - Rang Dizzy Lyrics

I remember being final and free
Bummed a quarter
The bookies were stuck laughing
Never abroad I’m chewing on a loosie
Dragging brain drain of your choosing

Folks dodging
Singing karaoke of credit
Blanks enter my skull
Into walls of your apartment
Square footage with my hands and I am sightless
Dealers shuffle Zen gardens in the card deck

I am wise
I am so fried
Rang dizzy inside
Fuck me I’m alive

Cast iron curls up a think for me
Presented to the crowd
Remains invite only
Sucker for a fossilized purple bruising
I inhaled pure carbon like a movie

Each Wednesday I load my boot with a beast
State flag on newsprint but optics take the lead
Snapshot of long-form winded by the breeze
Fake gas pump for photo opportunities

I am wise
I am so fried
Rang dizzy inside
Fuck me I’m alive

All duties paid to the Uncle Sam of losing my shit
We aren’t on nick name basis
But social setting allows
I extend my hand to all probable possibilities
That I may be baptized in seltzer from glaciers

As the cherry water runs down my spine
I recall coupon codes from minimum wage jobs
Unionized by labor kept in sheep skin
Saving up for tires that light up when you drive them

She was a real cool hand in the icy figure eight
My dreams were projected on national monuments
I sat in the lawn wondering “should I dose again”?
Or just break into song with Illinois flowers

Rang Dizzy Lyrics

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