SAINt JHN - Fire In The Booth Lyrics

Look, me and my friend Charlie, the mood Harley, the mood narly
You asking who the fuck, who are we
Look, pink sweater, white pants, white short
He look like he swings iron, but that nigga never golf
Look, no resort for me, no loss for me, no thought for me
No boss for me, water clean, no Voss for me
I paid the price, AmEx bill, no cost for me
I fuck her off, there’s no loss for me
It’s tossing me awfully, it’s just a car, it’s just the Golf
It’s just my brain, I’m just too smart
It’s just some art, I need it now, it’s Á La Carte
It’s kind of dark, he hit the light, I hit the spark
I hit my cheap expressway
So niggas like me won’t never feel no type of way
So you don’t have to run up on me
Tell me type of afraid, are you some type of way?
Are you some type of blind, are you some type of grey?
Cause I’m like: Show them where I’m from
Holding a nun, holding a gun, sippin’ my rum
Tellin’ my mom, day that I’m done:
Scream Brooklyn, Guyana, yell where I’m from
Boss if we ain’t married
You tryna find all the emotions I buried
You tryna see who I am tonight, but I vary
Shit that I learned, you can’t find in no library, time scary
You can be a suspect, you can be a custy
Still know how the trap work, even if I’m rusty
These are still the hood rules, this the way it must be
You can never grind, never flux, don’t disgust me
This is not for play now, things that I play about
Paid my mama house off, win a VMA now
Tryna buy a grotto, strappin’ on the greyhound
Aiming at the opps now, circling the playground
Virginia for real though, niggas sellin’ rello
Make a quarter mil, oh, weigh it by the kilo
I’m just sayin’ facts now, you should see the B-roll
And I’m busy lowlight, tryna be a hero
You can be a suspect, you can be a custy
Still know how the trap work, even if I’m rusty
These are just the real facts, you cannot discuss me
If you’re not a street dude, you can never touch me
It’s just me and my wifey for life
This me and my side-piece if you like
Just me and my dying peace in the night
I don’t mean to objectify her in the lie
But if she prefers to be my bad bitch tonight
Who am I to dishonor her sacrifice?
I don’t mean to…

SAINt JHN in the buildin’
[Charlie Sloth:]
Wassup, look

You can be a suspect, you can be a custy
Still know how the trap work, even if I’m rusty
These are still the hood rules, this the way it must be
You can never talk, never flex, don’t disgust me
This is my Marcella bag with white granite
This is my money I spend, but I plan it
This is my whole fuckin’, [?] whole planet
(He’s heating up)
Look, they was late bringin’ my silk to the hotel with the bags
Simone, I told her buy the Off-White and then pop the tags
You told me take off the top, but still leave on the rack
I told ’em: «Hold up, I’m gettin’ money, it’s coolers, but I don’t brag»
Because now the niggas got the opps, now I’m in a Dot
Now they see the light, now they clap and props
Now they at the stop sign, but they ain’t really screamin’ stop
‘Cause I look better in a Drop
I look better when my diamonds bright
I look better when I am 6’3 high
I look better when my dark hit the light
I look better when my purple hit the Sprite
But I don’t advocate that
It’s not like I’m tryna say niggas just way back
It’s not like I don’t got the dreads, and fucked the wave-cap
It’s not like you can’t hit the Fire Booth playback
Tell ’em don’t betray that
That nigga there he the hardest, create a Goddess
Ain’t nobody like this, mm, shootin’ garbage
I’m telling everybody else wherever you started
I put my gun, my pistol where your heart is
And I don’t believe in bein’ a shooter, ’cause my hands clean, mean
I mean I just use my hand cream, gleam
I mean them niggas had a big dream, seen
Now the cold turned into ice cream
In my mind it’s a little different, listen
Pission, position, and if you wanna switch up…

[Charlie Sloth:]
SAINt JHN, wow
Can I keep goin’?
[Charlie Sloth:]
You wanna keep goin’?

[SAINt JHN (Charlie Sloth):]
Dear mom if I don’t make it, if I don’t make it home tonight
If I don’t get back to New York, if I don’t never catch this flight
If somebody stop me and I swing my hand and I gotta fight
If I had to say rude words, and never was to polite
Then you understand my damage
You understand where I’m from and my dynamic
You understand the moment I never take for granted
You understand how I ashed out on this planet
Niggas standin’ on the granite
I need marble for the days that I never had no cheese on my bread
And my grades never sold no motherfuckin’ Bs and no As
They told me watch my hand, watch my mouth
Dont misbehave, don’t switch the key
But I, I ain’t know the tombs, and I ain’t know the bling
So I know not talk when they know to sing
And I know to hold my hand tight, I know the ring
‘Cause the Coat of Arms is my heart, just standin’ by the…
(He’s on fire)
Tryna catch my breath, I talk slow
Ghetto Lenny’s favorite talkshow (Perfect)
I don’t wanna wait when you all go
I don’t wanna wonder where’s Waldo
‘Cause in my mind, it’s still in the same place that it been
And my mind is runnin’ this race just again
It’s ten years later I’ve been patient and gainin’
And I still look great, I ain’t wasting a thing
And my skincare routine is strippers and booze
And whatever you do and me not payin’ my dues, fuck bein’ rude
Whatever I might choose and I dare, my heart involved
Whatever you do, I play my card, you played the wall
I ain’t never been scared to dance
I ain’t never been scared to fight
I ain’t never been scared to move
I ain’t never been scared to write
I ain’t never been scared of dark
I ain’t never been ‘fraid of light
I ain’t never been fucking short
Niggas, 6’3 is a brave height, it look like
God blessed him with the good looks
And the Lord blessed him with some good hooks
I never read but I read some good books
She look good, boy that’s a good look, hey

[Charlie Sloth (SAINt JHN):]
SAINt JHN in the buildin
Ayy bro, you gettin’ me excited in here
I like hearin’ Trap man, and you’re wild of it
You’re not even crazy, you’re wild of it
(I like this, I need this, I need this energy all day)
That was mad bruv, got me feelin’ a certain way
I can’t lie, when I came in I was tired
I was tired, I been travellin’ around the world
I’m charged bro (You ready know now?)
For the first time in 10 years I feel like I could go for a jog (Mm)
I feel like a could run now, you don’t see fat people run in 2019

[SAINt JHN (Charlie Sloth):]
Look, Charlie just told me he got a house in the country
And I’m still late somehow with my sprint bill monthly, right
So when I walk in with my pink shirt and pink shoes, am I comfy?
No, I just look way better at bein’ hungry
You see the difference is if you listen kid
This means my ignition slipped
That mean I just got a permission slip from the niggas
Who at the digits with
I mean look, truth is I walk in with Biggs’ brother and big
Brother and I’m just his kid brother
But I… Hahaha
And that’s just half of the ground I did cover but…
(I just need to clap for a minute my guy)
(You’re crazy with it JHN, SAINt JHN)
It feel good

Fire In The Booth Lyrics


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