SG Lewis - Rosner's Interlude Lyrics

Music had harmony in it
Which all the music
All the disco, I shouldn’t say all
Most of the disco music at that time had harmony
And the harmony, I found it to be essential in dancing
If the music lacks harmony, it doesn’t move me at all
And I don’t feel like getting up out of my chair to dance
It just doesn’t
The lack of, that unresolved chord
That we all seek after
That we all want to resolve
In our minds and in our hearts, however you want to put it
And it’s the thing that kinda makes you want to get up and dance
It’s the makes you tap your foot
And you move your body and then you wanna get up and dance
I mean It’s just a natural thing!
There’s nothing you have to do

Rosner's Interlude Lyrics

times (2021)

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