Shadow - Trauma Lyrics

Sunnex beat
One time for my brother

Use to plan with n*** then but now i plan alone
I stand with n*** then but now i stand alone
No n*** around when i was down so i was down alone
In my dream my granny told me baby you not alone
Repping the trenches with my music thought i was not alone
Men i practice what i rap about ion just rap alone
Real talks ion just cap alone
You were born alone you gon’ die alone
Wanna move fast you gat to move alone
Men i hope this money come fast cause the opp think we playing
Ion just rap for the gram shit is real life men ain’t faking
Am a big stepper tell ’em goofy n*** yeah we deadly
Cause when i pull the trigger fake n*** they gon’ be buried
Cause if i call you brother you my brother
Lot of snakes around the corner
Gat to watch out for your brother
Yeah they hate but we ain’t bothered
Always grinding tryna move
Yeah we always heading further
Life is hard but yeah we cool
Things are surely gon’ be better
Write a letter
To my granny and my fallen n***
2020 crazy took my n*** fuck this shit is deeper
Saw my n*** lifeless i was cold and humble life is priceless
I was down in pain but what is gone is gone i can’t get it back

N*** thought we playing men
N*** ain’t playing
Just tryna put my pain into verses men
Shit ain’t easy, we out here working
Tryna motivate the trenches you know wa mean
Ain’t fighting ’bout no bitch n*** you can just get her
And all this crazy lazy n*** claim the fuck they braver
I spend thousands on recording i don’t depend on n***
I know the good or bad or right or wrong ion fuck with preachers
N*** if you step on me you step wrong
Killers gon’ knock on your door
Everybody around me is crazy careful n*** when you talk
Bitches coming for the cock and
N*** coming for the block
Gat a n*** with a rifle in a darkness in my block
I swear am dangerous
Like a god them n*** pray to us
You can’t dictate to us
Your treat ain’t mean shit to us
N*** we the trenches voice
’round here n*** so vicious
All my n*** murderous
They hate cause they can’t fuck with us

These n*** thought we lazy
But they don’t know what we facing
N*** sip what we drinking he started going crazy
I put my heart on my shoulder lock my worries in prison
Cause you ain’t gat to be soft on n*** they hate you wining
When i deal with shit i deal alone
Cut my bread i cut alone
All my price i paid alone
These n*** fucking stand alone

Like ain’t gon forget what these n*** did to me
Like what they said to me mehn
Ain’t forgetting that shit
Ain’t forgetting that shit

Trauma Lyrics

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