Skaa - About It Lyrics

Leveling up with the shit, gotta get rich, young and we flex for the hell of it
Tried to play me but I ain’t with the drama and now I’m just texting a better chick
This isn’t really a hobby I put in the hours I had to be passionate
Y’all see the pace that I moving at. Grindin forever can never relax again
Always been up on my toes
I’m getting paid off the stuff that I wrote
Every day is how often I go
Hard with the music they loving my flow
Lot on my mental I’m strategizing gotta chill out a bit I just puff and I float
Eat with the team I got love for my bros
Want it so bad I go tough on my goals

Doing my thing I just stay in my lane, can never go wrong with the basics
The buzz getting bigger majority showing love, few of em starting to say shit
I couldn’t do 9 to 5 I ain’t just tryna survive or get stuck in the matrix
I rather just hustle and make it
We aiming for nothing but greatness

The story gets better the longer it takes
And soon these labels bout to offer me eight
No mumble I really got something to say
It’s either you starve or go hunt for the cake
So easy to say it but harder to chase
Been dripping I got all the sauce for the babes
She asking would you put my heart in a safe

Just know I been about it
Got her blowing up my phone that’s cos I make her feel excited
I’mma do it on my own and they gon prolly read about it
Till I’m chilling in a palace, I’m just tryna get established

About It Lyrics

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